Frequently Ask Questions FAQ

1. FAQ

How do I get my beats I've Purchase? Once you have paid for your beats you will get a email with all of your links to the beats you purchase.

What payments do you accept? Paypal, Credit and Debit cards. 

How long does it take for my beats to be sent? Beat(s) are delievered through your email instantly after you pay for them. 

Will voice tagges be removed? yes there will not be a voice tag on your beats once you download them. 

If I buy beat(s) and record to them can I sell my song? yes you can sell your song see beat(s) policy for more details. 

I Purchased a beat, can i alter it or cut it out? As long as you have purchased a beat, you are allowed to do changes to the beat-length, mixing, sounds, etc. by asking for permission via e-mail. This includes only purchased beats!

Do your beats have samples? yes there are some beats that are sample beats to sell those beats you will have to get the sample cleared before you sell them. most of them are royalty free samples. This means that you dont have to clear them before you use them on your album/mixtape. If you would like to know if a beat conatins samples you can contact me anytime.